Conning’s GEMS ESG now integrated with Prophet

Following on from last year’s collaboration agreement between FIS Sherwood Systems Group Limited and Conning’s Risk Solutions group, we are excited to announce the integration of the Conning GEMS Economic Scenario Generator (ESG) with the Prophet actuarial software solution.

The new integration layer allows Prophet users to seamlessly generate GEMS® economic scenario data from within Prophet, without cumbersome and inefficient intermediate files, for both point in time projections and forecasted on-the-fly simulations. These new capabilities will provide Prophet clients the ability to solve a wide range of actuarial problems that, until now, have required significant pre-processing and data manipulation. Whether it is generating multiple forecasted risk-neutral scenario sets used for modeling a clearly defined hedging strategy for a VM21 valuation, or multiple real-world scenario sets for calculating future statutory reserves in a business planning exercise, these new capabilities will free actuaries from the management of multiple ESG datasets, enabling them to focus on problem solving and analysis.

 An evaluation version of the Prophet plug-in is available now for client review. For more information contact your local sales representative.

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