Prophet 2019 Q2


FIS have released major updates to the Prophet solution suite

Flexible Results

  • Addition to Prophet Enterprise for greater scalability and speed of results output
  • Use of distributed database technology
  • Future releases will allow for custom results indices e.g. IFRS 17 contract groups and per policy projection output.

Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX)

  • Addition to Prophet Enterprise to take advantage of AVX capabilities on existing hardware
  • Makes use of Prophet’s Modules feature and it’s new looping functionality
  • Allows models to be built in such a way to allow for vectorisation of calculations, which can substantially improve runtime.

Other Enhancements

  • New licensable PEG Admin API for use with the Prophet Grid Administrator
  • Configurable split by model point batch size
  • Performance enhancements to Assumptions Manager
  • Licensing improvements
  • Other minor enhancements and fixes.

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