Prophet Enterprise Readiness Service

Corporate 092

Prophet Enterprise is a production-control framework designed to make your Prophet business process more effective by simplifying the activities of actuaries and the maintenance work for IT. It also provides greater control over the modelling process by separating the development and production environments, offering increased performance through scalability of its distributed processes.

The Prophet Enterprise Readiness Service is designed to ensure that you are ready for the move to Prophet Enterprise. We have outlined the areas and steps where our experience and expertise can help you implement our Prophet Enterprise solution in the simplest and most effective way. We want to ensure that you fully utilise the functionality most relevant to you and we will provide the project management, model testing, IT infrastructure, Prophet model reviews, deployment and test assistance services to help you achieve this.

With the impending introduction of the Solvency II legislation, the implementation of Prophet Enterprise provides FIS customers with a robust actuarial production environment.

Enterprise Readiness datasheet