Upgrade Services

Corporate 092

Prophet Professional is continually improved, and version 9 of the application provides significant benefits and opportunities compared to previous versions. To help any customers that are still using older and unsupported versions of Prophet, the Prophet Professional Upgrade Service has been designed to hasten and simplify your upgrade to the latest version of Prophet Professional, ensuring the briefest interruption to your normal development and reporting cycles.

The upgrade service is delivered within an environment hosted on FIS' infrastructure in a secure location. Customers can select from a number of options to best suit their available resources and IT. Value-adding services packages are available, including actuarial services for regression testing and model optimization; infrastructure reviews; assistance with upgrading your IT infrastructure; and technical certification.

Overall, the service delivers some key benefits, including:

  • Faster and lower risk delivery of a smooth transition to Prophet 9
  • Ensuring infrastructure is fit for purpose to support a Prophet 9 environment, increasing the efficiency of the hardware
  • Reduction of the Prophet 9 deployment timescales and internal resource costs
  • Removing bottlenecks from the upgrade process
  • Identification of issues in the current workspace

 The service may be particularly relevant given:

  • Support for Prophet Professional 7 ceased in 2012 and Prophet 8.1 in 2014
  • Library upgrades and new modules require Prophet Professional 9.0.1 or later
  • Remaining on an unsupported platform may carry implications for internal compliance and IT governance policies

See the datasheet for further information, and please contact your account manager to discuss.