Prophet Training Schedule

Corporate 057

Training Event  Month Specific Date  w/c Cut-off for Discount Last Bookings
UK February 2011 14-Feb-11 24-Jan-11 30-Jan-11
Germany February 2011 28-Feb-11 17-Jan-11 07-Feb-11
Hong Kong March 2011 14-Mar-11 31-Jan-11 21-Feb-11
India March 2011 21-Mar-11 07-Feb-11 28-Feb-11
Poland March 2011 28-Mar-11 14-Feb-11 07-Mar-11
South Africa May 2011 23-May-11 11-Apr-11 02-May-11
UK June 2011 06-Jun-11 16-May-11 22-May-11
Netherlands June 2011 20-Jun-11 09-May-11 30-May-11
Austria July 2011 04-Jul-11 23-May-11 13-Jun-11
Ireland August 2011 08-Aug-11 27-Jun-11 18-Jul-11
Switzerland September 2011 12-Sep-11 01-Aug-11 22-Aug-11
Malaysia September 2011 26-Sep-11 15-Aug-11 05-Sep-11
UK November 2011 07-Nov-11 17-Oct-11 23-Oct-11
Germany November 2011 21-Nov-11 10-Oct-11 31-Oct-11


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