Prophet Professional

Corporate 049

Prophet Professional 9.0.4 new features:

  • Compare Structures and Run Settings
  • Choose in which Dynamic Loops to call Nested Structures
  • Import Nested Structure objects from one workspace to another
  • For each model point, only call the Modules required for that model point
  • More new features described in the Release Bulletin

Prophet Professional is an integrated suite of actuarial systems used primarily by insurance companies to perform actuarial calculations including profit testing, projections, reserving, asset liability modelling, stochastic modelling and risk management. It helps insurance and other financial services companies to meet their reporting responsibilities and improve risk management. Actuarial libraries engineered separately from the modelling system deliver solutions which can be customised and deployed around the world.

Accurate asset/liability projections are crucial to the success of any insurance or financial services company – but they are not the only requirement for actuarial software. To keep pace with the dynamic insurance industry, such a system must also handle multiple insurance-related calculations, and integrate with other vital business software. Additionally, it must be able to make these projections in every country where you do business. This is where Prophet can help.

Prophet Professional enables the end user to build and set up complex risk management models, and to perform runs. The Nested Structures module embeds models within models, e.g. to calculate capital requirements accurately at each year end as part of a model to project the business into the future. Click here to view the Prophet Professional datasheet.