Avrist Assurance leads the way for Indonesia


Avrist Assurance is Indonesia’s first insurer with our end-to-end platform for IFRS 17 reporting.

In Indonesia, the deadline for implementing IFRS 17 may now move back to 2025. But that hasn’t stopped Avrist Assurance planning ahead.

In its drive to become one of Indonesia’s top 10 largest insurers by 2023, Avrist Assurance has been quicker than most to recognize how much time it will need to manage the complexities and scale of IFRS 17’s requirements.

As a first mover in the market, Avrist Assurance looked straight to technology to fill the gaps in its capabilities – and chose FIS’ innovative end-to-end solution, with its integrated subledger for IFRS 17 accounting and reporting.

“Partnering with FIS at this stage will stand us in good stead for implementing IFRS 17 on time,” says Anna Leonita, CEO PT Avrist Assurance. “We look forward to working with the team on improving our modeling capabilities.”