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A compiler must be installed on any machine used to prepare Prophet runs. Prophet allows you to use one of the Microsoft C++ compilers.

Compiler compatibility

Supported compiler versions for Prophet 2018 Q3, 2019 Q2 and 2020 Q2 are:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 for Desktop (including Express Edition, but not Code or Community editions) (Microsoft 2015 compiler)
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 for Desktop (including Express Edition, but not Code or Community editions) (Microsoft 2017 compiler)
  • Build Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 (Microsoft 2017 compiler)

Note: We recommend the Microsoft 2017 compiler for new deployments, and advise customers with the Microsoft 2015 compiler to consider upgrading to the 2017 version due to known issues with the Microsoft 2015 compiler in addition to Prophet 2020 Q2 being the last release to support Microsoft Visual Studio 2015


Installation guide

Compilers can be acquired through normal commercial licensing on Clients are required to ensure compliance with the licence terms of any compiler used, and the responsibility for this remains solely with the client. 

Build Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio 2017

Note: Build Tools for Visual Studio 2017 requires the same licensing as Visual Studio 2017.

To install Build Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 download the installer (link  Run the installer and select "Visual C++ build tools" when the option appears.  Click on the image below for a clearer image.


Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Express Edition

Note: Visual Studio 2017 Express Edition requires product registration with Microsoft. Each user needs to create a Microsoft account and activate their product against their account. This is part of the terms of use of the product.

"Express 2017 for Windows Desktop" can be found on this page

Earlier versions of Microsoft Visual Studio

Remember to install the debugger tools if you wish to use the debugger in DCS. Be aware that the available options can vary depending on the machine and on the SDK that is being installed.

Additional installations of the Windows 10 SDK

Ensure that the most recent installed version of the Windows 10 SDK is no later than the version installed with Visual Studio 2015 or 2017.



If you have any questions about compilers for Prophet Professional, please contact your regional representative or the Prophet Helpdesk. All contact details can be found here.

Further details on the compiler support matrix can be found here on the Prophet Professional page, and here on the Prophet Enterprise page.